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Nothing Is Out of Reach


Art on Your Body

by Chris


Our Next Masterpiece

by Ronnie


Love Your Tattoos

by Erika


Your New Best Friends

The Heart & Soul Tattoo team of artists are highly sought out for their unique approach and the pleasant experience they create for those getting inked. We’re creative, but also technicians — we’re on point with everything from selection to aftercare. Our artists are all veterans, and we’re excited to meet you!

Ronnie Keller


The Traditional Pro

Ronnie serves as the creative pulse of Heart & Soul Tattoo, specializing in traditional, neo-traditional, Japanese and Sailor Jerry styles. With a wealth of experience spanning many years, we are confident that you'll not only be satisfied but likely amazed by the exceptional work you'll carry away.

Click on the link to explore Ronnie's Tattoo & Artwork Portfolio and witness the artistic prowess firsthand.

Heart & Soul Tattoo brisbane
Chris Trappet


Creative Genius & Machine Builder

Chris is the creative force behind our stunning black and grey masterpieces, notably showcased in the Highwayman Mobster leg sleeve featured on our homepage. His work is characterized by an unparalleled attention to detail that must be seen to be believed. Whether it's a simple ink design or a complex, ambitious piece, we guarantee satisfaction with every finished product.

Beyond his expertise in tattooing, Chris also crafts his own line of custom tattoo machines under the brand Brass Tacks Tattoo. Due to high demand, Chris operates on a waiting list, so be sure to explore his portfolio and reach out to secure a scheduled booking!

Brass Tacks Tattoo
Erika Armstrong

Erika Armstrong

The Artist

Erika Armstrong is our new recruit, and is an authentic artist with a diverse portfolio, having tattooed everything from initials to expansive murals and everything in between. Erika, who operates under her brand Black-Widow, possesses a vast reservoir of creativity that extends beyond the realm of tattooing. Her extraordinary portfolio showcases a range of artistic endeavors.

With a creative, calm, and professional approach, Erika is ready to bring your special requests to life. Give us a call today to discuss your unique vision with Erika.

Black Widow Tattoo
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